Week 15 Progress Report

On Monday evening, we turned in the first draft of our project.  On Tuesday in class, we outlined our presentation.  As we have 7 in our group, it is difficult to ensure that everyone speak on some topic that they are familiar with.  Having outlined the presentation, which we intend to practice on Thursday, we premeditated some changes we may have to make to our website.  As we couldn’t edit the website till Thursday, I made a list of all the things we wanted to tweak before we’re satisfied with the final product.

On Thursday, we met to look over our 63 corrections.  Some of our overarching issues seemed like they could be immensely complicated to fix.  We had to change the description metadata to be more precise, and then we ran into issues with our subject metadata not looking uniform.  There were some issues with spacing around the colons because not everyone followed the template Olivia and I created to a T.  While the metadata would still work perfectly well when exported, it didn’t look precise.  Thankfully, when Marianne and I went to talk to Angie after class, it turns out that she found a plug in that allows for mass editing of the metadata.  I went up to the DKC to have the plug in added to the c panel, and the bulk editor worked well after some trail and error.

We agreed that half of us would meet on Tuesday after class to deal with half the corrections, while the other half will meet on Wednesday.  Hopefully we’ll have a chance to go over it all together before turning in the final product next Friday.

Our presentation was this Friday, and it went really well.  We each spoke for a minute and a half each on a different aspect of our project that we had a large hand in.  People were impressed with the scope of the assignment, asked really good questions about the choices we made and why.  Overall I’m quite satisfied with the final product and everything I’ve learned along the way.

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