Week 14 Progress Report

On Tuesday, we presented our progress to the class.  As we’d used our workday to present to Luisa, our progress was not very great.  However, after class, Marianne and I met with Angie, and uploaded all the metadata from our beautifully completed spreadsheets.  She showed us exactly what they had to look like in order to upload them.  The first attempt was a little tricky, but then we realized we needed to include http:// in front of the file names.  We did a concatenation in the spreadsheet to produce the desired effect, and then our first 133 files uploaded perfectly.  For some reason it got stopped up on file 134.  Angie had to leave for awhile, so we sat with it, seeing if it would unstick or finish uploading.  In the mean time, we massively edited the website.  We discussed the background photo, the photos which needed to be uploaded to the map still, and such as that.  In that time, I completely rewrote the How to Search page, as I felt like it needed to be far more precise.  I also reorganized the menu.

After another hour, we decided to cancel the unsuccessful file upload and try again.  Angie wasn’t with us, but we created a spreadsheet with files 134-479, and tried again.  It worked!  Then we edited Olivia’s spreadsheet for the index, and attempted up upload the files.  We were utterly unsuccessful.  We discussed a number of possible reasons we could be having this issue, and decided to go to the DKC to check if all the files were in the c panel.  When we got there, we attempted to explain our issue to Abby, and midway through the explanation, I realized that we’d saved the file as an excel file, and not a CSV.  So I converted it, tried again, and finally we had all our files uploaded!  All in all, Marianne and I worked at that from 10:45 to 3:30.

On Wednesday, I began to consider how to upload all the register page urls into the map.  That’s when I realized despite our beautifully concatenated urls, the omeka urls had been randomly assigned, and were going to make the process so much trickier.  I emailed Angie to ask if there was anything to be done about it.  She said she’d look into it.  So on Thursday, in our in class work day, after dealing with a number of minor issues involving incorrect metadata and different grave numbers for the same soldier in the map and in the register, I ran over to ask Angie’s advice on our url predicament.  She said there was nothing to be done about it, and to go on as best we could.  When I got back to the group, it was assumed that I knew how the urls were to be entered into the map, when in fact, I had not put thought into it, not realizing I would be in charge of it.  In the last few moments, Marianne, Nick, Olivia, and I were assigned to enter urls into specific sections of the map.

Marianne and I went to sit in the digital lab with Angie, because that’s where Marianne could get wifi, and we spent a long long time trying to come up with the best method for accurately entering names into the map in a timely fashion.  After much trial and error, we came up with a really excellent system.  The only issue was that it didn’t include the pages with solely Unknown soldier entries.  Having spent a good hour devising the system, we spent another hour and a half entering the urls into the map.  At some point, Nick showed up for the express purpose of learning our method for url entry.  After we each completed our section, we continued to edit the website.  Marianne learned how to add photos to the site, and I began formatting the about page.  We called it quits at 3.

That evening at 6, I met with Olivia to teach her how to enter the urls.  Then on Friday, I edited Marianne’s history of the cemetery page, and added it to the website.  Over the weekend, I linked people’s websites to their about page entry.  I continued to format the pictures as they arrived.  I ensured that all our collections were public.  And on Saturday, I visited the cemetery to see what it was like.  It was a pleasant trip, and it gave me many more ideas about what to include in the How to Search Page.  All in all, that was my very busy week with regards to our project!

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