Week 12/13 Progress Reports

These past two weeks have been incredibly trying for our group.  We have had to make some difficult decisions about our metadata spreadsheet very quickly.  Additionally, we have had to enter all 500 pages of the register, equaling about 15,000 separate entries.  We originally only included running numbers, but decided to go back and include the grave numbers as well.  Then we got rid of the leading zero for the grave numbers (which would have made them each 5 digits) because it turns out the highest grave number is only 4 digits long.  Most members of our group entered the information for 75 pages of the register.  It took me around 20 hours of slow, careful work.  After everyone completed their section, I went back through and edited them all to ensure that there were no numbers skipped, and that everything was in order.  As there was so much information, it was unavoidable that errors were made, so I’m glad we included this editing step as it ensures greater accuracy, though it was incredibly time consuming.

We presented our work to Luisa on Tuesday and she gave us some helpful feedback!  I have completed editing the spreadsheet (except for 5 pages which have yet to be entered).  Olivia and I have finalized a lot of the language for the other metadata entries, and Abby will concatenate the file names by Tuesday.  We hope to go to Angie and batch upload the spreadsheet after class on Monday, which will be a huge relief and allow us to move forward with the rest of our project.

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